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The automatic minimalist wrist watch

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The classic slim wrist watch

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The automatic minimalist wrist watch

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Transparency an honest look at modern watchmaking

As a young company, we take pride in being open and honest. Traditional brands will try and pick your pocket in exchange for a "high-quality" watch, while we break down the cost… and give you an outstanding watch.

Transparent Watchmaking

Luxury quality at a fair price, sparing no details in the process.

Sappire glass

Sapphire glass

Sapphire glass is the number one component that luxury watches have in common. It is scratch resistant and highly durable. Sapphire glass is available in the $4-$15 range. The price is determined by the hardness  of the glass. Harder glass is more expensive to cut because the cutting blade is a diamond.

Sappire glass

Swiss quartz movement

Our Swiss made Ronda movement is the same movement that is used in $500+ quartz watches. An inexpensive quartz movement of good quality costs below $2. An excellent quartz movement with shock resistance and extra long battery life of up to 40 months costs $10.

Sappire glass

Stainless steel case

A top quality stainless steel case costs $9,70 to produce. Steel cases are made up of a steel quality typically in the range of 304 to 916. The number does not necessarily reflect the product’s quality or price, but identifies the mixture of minerals.

Sappire glass


The coating of our rose gold case is a mixture of pure gold and copper. The plating on steel cases are measured in the thickness of uM, one uM is 1/1000 of a 1 mm. A plating of 0.6 uM would last for about 6 months, a plating of 1 uM would last for 2 years and our plating of 6 uM lasts basically forever.

Sappire glass


The dial is made up of a thin metal plate with a light beige coating. The components to any given dial costs about $2,70. The remaining cost is due to the precision needed to assemble the parts. This process requires specialised and expensive equipment.

Sappire glass


The components of our high-end leather and nylon straps cost about $5 for nylon and $18,5 for leather. About 3/5 of the cost is the band material and the rest is due to stainless steel buckles and the rose gold coating that is applied to them.

$5.80 - 18.5


In addition to materials, every order has non-material related expenses such as customs, fulfillment & shipping, storage, product box, transaction fees (VISA etc) and other bank related expenses in the amount of $25 - $30 per order.

$25 - 30

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